I promised you another Cruise '12 Monogram Rayures piece a little while back, and I shall deliver! You've seen the limited edition cruise Monogram Rayures Neverfull and the Charm--all except the wallet and the Noe.

After being told that it was sold out nationwide in the US for weeks, I remarkably managed to find one still out there in the wild (That means never give up hope when looking for a piece, folks! You never know what your SA can find) and took it without a question.

What's great about the Insolite wallet is that it's long and thin--very different from the Zippy Wallet or even the Sarah. Both of those are more rotund in a sense, certainly a lot chunkier than the Insolite wallet. The interior is incredibly gorgeous, also matching the interior of the Neverfull and the striped theme of the Charm. It's a fresh look to the regular Monogram palette. In my taste, the ideal Monogram wallet.

Good news-- more posts about Monogram Rayures--but in Vernis to come!  What do you think of the LV Cruise 2012 Monogram Rayures collection?