I can't deny that I am completely obsessed with Balenciaga. Every color, shape, leather style and hardware choice yield uniquely different, beautiful bags. Problem with this?  Every combination I see, I want to purchase. I suppose this really isn't a problem--if we don't factor in the "moolah"-aspect...

Anyway, check out this gorgeous specimen! One of the best features of this bag (besides its distressed lambskin, and of course the Velo's Shoulder Strap! <-- I had to do it...) is the giant rose gold hardware. The black and rose gold complement each other effortlessly, giving the wearer a stand-out yet sleek look. It's the perfect bag for stepping out for a latte or even adding an edgy-professional look to a job interview.

How do you feel about giant hardware? Are you disappointed there's no giant hardware in the S/S 2012 collection?