I'm excited to share the new "Blast from the Past" series with my readers! Sporadically, I'll be including old beauties from previous seasons. This week's blast from the past is the Chloe Saskia Multi-Color Flap!

I found this at Bergdorf's a few years ago, and I must say it was the best purchase I could've made. I remember I was deciding between this and a pretty boring black evening bag. Like a typical New Yorker, the SA was incredibly upfront. "Are you really going to get that bag?" he said, pointing to the thin, black evening bag.  Holding this Chloe up by its wide shoulder strap, he said, "This is clearly the better choice," with a drawl in his voice not unlike Professor Snape's. So glad I listened to him.

Seen on celebs like Kate Bosworth and Blake Lively, this Chloe is definitely a keeper. It looks amazing with jeans and also ties together a black evening ensemble with a pop!

What are your old Chloe favorites?

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