When I was in Las Vegas last month for the International Consumer Electronics Show, I had the opportunity to be given a tour through CityCenter's illustrious three-story Louis Vuitton location--the largest in North America. While I was there, I had the opportunity to purchase a few wonderful limited pieces for Valentine's Day 2012. The staff was very welcoming and extremely accommodating. To all LV-lovers, you MUST go!

The Alma BB Monogram Vernis Rayures come in both Amaranthe and Pomme D'Amour. The Monogram Vernis Rayures also comes in small leather goods as well as you have seen earlier this month in the Sarah Wallet. As you can see, the bag is adorned with a Valentine charm that complements the bag so well.

Perfect for a cocktail party or just for a trip to get your latte, the Valentine's 2012 Alma BB does not disappoint.

What do you think of LV's Valentine's 2012 collection?