One of the coolest cases I've seen for the iPhone is the Bird's Nest Snap Case from Incase. Not only is it sleek but on the back of a white iPhone, looks simply stunning.

As I've mused on about before, the intersection of fashion and technology is one of the most fascinating things to me. Both are huge in my life and the fact that I can make them work together is brilliant. The academic side of me longs to delve into pages of  gender studies and technology--the feminine clothing of the stereotyped masculine or neutrally-gendered technology. Is the clothing of technology (or the ornament) simply a 'feminine' thing to do? BUT I SERIOUSLY DIGRESS.

To reference some interesting pop culture: I almost freaked out when I saw THE Serena van der Woodsen using my iPhone case! Apparently Incase has a contract with the CW because each episode in Gossip Girl this season that features Serena using her iPhone has this case! Again, I was so excited. The product placement in this show is amazing!

What TV shows satisfy your fashion cravings?