There's nothing more exciting to me than getting dressed for work! For someone who appreciates style, there's nothing more important than making sure your work outfit is accessorized to the nines.

Because I'm a professional student, it's almost near impossible to attain fun, exotics like ostrich or some python bags. But we have options. Instead of splurging for a bag worth easily a semester or two, I got a bag that is ostrich-embossed leather. This Furla Piper Ostrich Convertible Satchel is perfect to slip in your iPad, netbook or MacBook Air, notepad, day planner and other essentials. The best thing about ostrich-embossed leather bags is that you get the texture without the huge price tag. Someday I promise myself I will get an ostrich bag, but until then I'm perfectly happy with this beautiful bag--usable throughout the seasons.

What does your office ensemble look like?