Running rampant in magazines and salons this season for pre-fall is the theme, urban jungle. Safari-style textures are everywhere and ready to galavant off with you, wherever you go!

Yesterday, Gilt had a great Kate Spade sale--within it was the Safari Maryanne Tote which at first glance really reminded me of Marc Jacobs's Safari Mini Stam in both name, pattern and shape.

Now, personally I'd go with Marc Jacobs on this one. The Maryanne is definitely at a better price point than the Mini Stam, but there's something so special about Marc's construction and the vividness of Marc's safari pattern. Not to mention how beautiful the leather is on the Mini Stam. If you're curious about price points of either bag, please click the appropriate piece here: Safari Maryanne Tote | Safari Mini Stam.

How about you?