What is more chic than an Apple product? Seriously.

You could call me an "Apple fangirl", but their products are consistently practical, high-performance, and stylistically pristine. As an iPhone 4 user, I love the sleek and thin phone, but I long for the old iPod look. I don't like using my iPhone as an iPod; I prefer to save the battery. So, I started looking for an old iPod, only to find this one from 2005 and the new iPod Classic. The iPod Classic is great, but is nothing like the old iPod Photo!

Apple iPod Photo

It's super-chic and has totally turned heads--I mean, who uses this anymore? You don't have to have a brand, spanking-new iPod to be "in" or to be chic. This is a fantastic option that still works with the current Apple computers and iTunes.

What's your favorite vintage tech?