Super-psyched is what you'd call my reaction when I brought my Chloe Marcie Hobo back to my home. It was a bag that was on my wish list for the longest time, and my parents got it for me for graduation from graduate school--so generous, right?! One of the reasons why I was drawn to the bag was the iconic leather stitching on the front of the bag. The leather is soft, pebbled and luxurious, and the interior is spacious.  The Marcie is unmistakeable and a certified, subdued stunner! The bag fits comfortably under the arm and looks amazing!

Chloe Large Marcie Hobo

NB:  I usually write positive-centric reviews about items. To be fair, I rarely have issues with my purchases. Luckily. But this time, I've been disappointed. And I couldn't write this without being honest with my readers.

Long story short:  I've experienced a defective bag and way-less-than-satisfactory customer service at my local department store. Speaking only of the bag, though, the integrity of my singular *large* hobo bag handle is weak. I emphasize the bag size because I've felt and seen that the smaller hobo handle seems to have more durability. Within days of initial purchase the handle started to break. I didn't even have a lot in the bag. Heck, I was just trying it on at home. All that was in there was just my iPad, wallet and a few other essentials. Nothing incredibly heavy. Then after repair from the department store, the handle still pulls. I'm frightened to take it out of the house; it seems sure to fall apart eventually. I'm sure there are lots of lucky Marcie Hobo owners, but sadly I'm not one of them.

Having never even left my house wearing the bag, I'm definitely returning this. Perhaps I'll pick up another Chloe but I'm not feeling too positive about it. Perhaps a Proenza Schouler? I'm still in love with Chloe and the Marcie Hobo, but I'm incredibly hesitant to get another one. Enjoy your Marcies, but please be extra careful that your bag's handle isn't defective!

Do you have any bag-nightmare stories?