Let's face it--we're all working hard for the beautiful accouterments in our lives!

After a few freelance jobs and ruthless saving, I managed to snatch up one of these gorgeous Givenchy Pandora messenger bags. It was the last one in my local Neimans, and my boyfriend was kind enough to phone days ahead and save it for me--super sweet, yes? I've been pining over this bag for over half a year. It was time to make a move!

Givenchy Pandora messenger

I was looking for a bag that would be an alternate to my trusty Balenciaga and serve me well for IFBCON 2012 (Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference in New York). The bag needed to be large and sturdy enough to fit an iPad or a small laptop, appropriate chargers, and the essentials. I also wanted something that was both discreet and luxurious. The black pepe, textured leather is both thick and gorgeous. Its integrity is amazing and the look is timeless.

It's rare that I buy a bag that I can use with the top handle. While using a bag on the elbow is undeniably trendy, to me it isn't comfortable and ends up being more of a burden than practical. Since I don't have the smallest of arms (I blame it on the tennis I played in high school), the Pandora is able to fit on my shoulder using the main handle and when used, I have no doubt that it is going to hold my items. For the strap options of this bag alone, the purchase was worth it.

After my Chloe mishap, I needed an experience like this to turn everything around. I couldn't be happier. I'm in bag-love!

Fashion bloggers, are you headed to IFBCON, too?