I'm not a heels person. Not even these tame lovelies intrigued me.

Being so used to flats, I was hesitant to go on a search for heels for my cousin's wedding. With one of my heels being pretty narrow, I am reluctant to buy higher than 3 inch shoes or even wedges, as sturdy as they are. And the smaller the heel, the worse it is for me. Let's not consider the trips and falls I've embarked on throughout my life... Some people just can't do heels!

Stuart Weitzman Heels

Despite all of this, I still went on a shoe-adventure! My friend and I managed to find these comfy Stuart Weitzman pumps. I've always wanted a pair of nude heels that wouldn't slip off, and doesn't hurt me as soon as start to walk in them. The wedding came and went--and let me tell you, these shoes carried me through the entire day! I only got some seriously understandable foot pain after running (well as fast as you can in heels) and dancing for four hours. Simply amazing. And my smaller heel never slipped out of the shoe. This is such a win for me. I had to share!

What are your best shoe moments?