If you can believe it, it's The Shoulder Strap's 100th blog post! It's not even been a year, and I'm happy to say that I've had a fantastic time so far with this blog. It is such a release--a fantastic outlet to throw creativity into, and I am driven everyday by my readers and the beautiful accessories that come onto the market.

What I'm writing about today is the absolutely beautiful Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton collection. Since the summer, there have been two launches--one in July and one recently in September. The earlier collection was mostly vernis patent leather with various colors of polka dots, as seen below.

The later collection, just released on September 7 in the US, is primarily focused on the Monogram Town Square pattern, which is highlighted by original pictures in this post. The Monogram Town Square pattern was overwhelmingly more popular than the initial collection. Often compared to a Mickey or Minnie Mouse kind of pattern, there are lots of items still available from the first collection at stores nationwide. These new monogram town dots, though, are flying off the shelves!

I was lucky to grab a few pieces to add to my collection before they go away forever. To me, the red stood out the most. As I was incredibly lucky to add a Monogram Rayures to my collection, I decided to stay away from the white even though I loved it. Money doesn't grow on trees, or I probably would've grabbed a blue Kusama Speedy as well! :) As you can see above, the interior of the Zippy Wallet is red leather. It's a simply beautiful piece that is both sturdy and gorgeous! I would definitely recommend the Zippy wallet over the Insolite. The leather zipper pulls quickly curl (and stay that way!) and doesn't look as "new" as a Zippy might after a few months. I say this because my Monogram Rayures Insolite wallet isn't aging as well as I had thought. Only using it a few times, it doesn't hold well in the dust bag. Definitely consider this when purchasing an Insolite!

Perhaps my favorite part of the new collection is the Neverfull. Not having any red accessories (surprisingly), I decided to choose this gorgeous bag. Another reason is because it is notable that most if not all of the limited Neverfull bags are made with a stronger, more durable canvas. The Monogram Rayures has the same integrity of product. One of the best things about the bag is the interior! Peeking out of the back, if you can see, is this beautiful red and black spotted fabric lining.  Something certain to be a great collector's item today and years from now.

What do you think of the newest Kusama collection?