When I saw these shoes, they immediately reminded me of my aunt. Ever since I was a little girl, my aunt's style has really inspired me. She always has the cutest shoes, to-die-for handbags, and most appropriate taste in putting together an outfit. Her love for designers like Prada and Chanel, and her low-key but high class taste continues to inspire my own fashion sense. So, I had to take a picture when I saw these!

Prada shoes

Loafers...moccasins...whatever you like to call them--are my favorite kind of shoe! They are comfortable but also exude a classy, casual elegance to an outfit, especially when paired with demure clothing and handbag. Perfect for the office, no doubt. These are beautiful Prada driving moccasins in nude. The colors available are diverse--from a forest green to metallic gold, a bright pink, metallic silver, a cognac-looking brown, and black. There might be more colors, but having seen those in person, the nude and forest green were my favorites! I had to try them on, and they are extremely comfortable, providing good support. I'd recommend these without a doubt!

Do you love loafers?