Some might not call this an "accessory", but I believe that having your own style in all the ways you communicate is not only a personal extension of yourself, but also a way of adding a very practical accessory to your arsenal.


Recently, I decided on investing in some stationery. While I love blogging and e-mail takes up most of my time, I'm still a sucker for receiving mail. In my opinion, nothing is classier than received a hand-penned note from your friends or loved ones--whether it's for a thank you or just to drop a hello or catch-up message.

Instead of opting for designer paperworks like Kate Spade, Lanvin, Crane, Bernard Maisner, or Vera Bradley, I decided to customize my stationery through a paperworks chain, Paper Source. After looking through many options, I opted on getting initials imprinted on a thick-stock A2 card and chose a brownish-gray "gravel" envelope with initial-matching "papaya" inserts.

I definitely don't send these babies often. Mostly because they did cost a little more than I had originally planned and also I have a desire for these cards to be special. It's true that I don't get to write often with these.  Either way I love them, and am excited to use these again soon!

Would you use personalized stationery? If you do, why do you like to use it?

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