So, iCal is nice. I enjoy using a cloud-controlled calendar. It's convenient and let's face it, it makes me feel "on top of things". But there is nothing that is going to take away the place of a beautiful, paper agenda.

LV Agendas

I must admit, I was particularly drawn to the yellow/black combination because I'm a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan (born and raised near "da Burgh"). It's not as subtle as my other accessories, but it's incredibly fun and is a great mini-agenda for the road. It's especially perfect when a larger agenda or even an iPad wont do.

This particular small agenda is in the Infinity Dots collection (also available in red/white and black/white), but recently released as well in a Monogram Town Dots pattern in red, green, and white. See below.

Do you use an agenda in addition or instead of the calendar on your phone, tablet, or computer?