This iconic David Yurman Color Classics bracelet is an eye-catching piece. Even my tabletop pumpkin loves it! Ready for Halloween--in style of course.


What I love about David Yurman is that his pieces are absolutely beautiful but you only know it's Yurman if you've seen the brand before--much like the Oliver Peoples sunglasses I wrote about before. Stylish yet demure. These Color Classics bracelets are made of sterling silver cable, accented with 14-karat yellow gold and are topped with faceted citrine. They are available in a slew of colors; just check online or with your local Yurman boutique.

This is definitely a jewelry trend that should be a staple in everyone's collection. It's classy but casual and is perfect for a business ensemble as well. Yurman is so versatile and is wearable in so many situations.

What's your go-to bracelet?