Over 1600 students applied to Teen Vogue Fashion University 2012 and 525 lucky applicants were admitted. The Shoulder Strap's founder was one of those lucky students. Check out the coverage below via Storify by The Shoulder Strap and others of TVFU 2012!


Each industry professional that I heard speak imparted thoughtful and useful advice for careers, realizing your inner passion and applying that to everyday life. I particularly enjoyed Grace Coddington's story of how she fell into fashion. Starting out as a model, Grace slowly realized her love for the more editorial side and was asked by editors if she was interested into moving into the creative sphere. Grace then moved to the United States and started working for VOGUE. One of the coolest shoots that Grace showed us was her interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. She cast each designer as a character in the literature masterpiece and the clothes were a further metaphor for the story and its aesthetic.

I am a HUGE fan of Christian Siriano. His work ethic and aesthetic is not only inspiring but so is his personality. I've always respected his exuberant style and very forward voice. It was such a great opportunity to be able to hear about the evolution of his brand and where he intends to go into next (the home industry).

Phillip Lim told the most amazing story about almost being finished with school and receiving a fantastic opportunity as a full-time employee at a fashion designer. Instead of just dropping his degree and taking the job, he managed to convince his department to allow him to graduate despite having the full-time job and attending school minimally. He illustrated very well how there will be so many challenges and people telling you that you are wrong, consistently judging. Lim insisted that you follow your own voice and be persistent.

In fact, persistence was one of the themes over the past weekend. Editor-in-Chief Amy Astley remarked that one of the things that she and other value in possible hires is a persistence, diligence, creativity, and strength in the self. It was a relief to hear that professionals in the fashion industry seek graduates in majors of not just fashion-related but humanities and science-related majors. It's important to bring others into the industry so that there is a wider appeal of content to the audience and to bring varied perspectives to the table.