As a writer and student, I am constantly jotting down notes and drafting assignments. It's important to have a pen that wont run out of ink anytime soon.

The Seven Year Plan

Let me put it clearly. I have a thing for pens. If you're one of those types that has a pen for everything, then this might be for you. One of the coolest things I've picked up recently is this Swiss-made Seven Year Pen from Seltzer Goods. Not only is it eco-friendly but it's also a very smooth-writing pen. The ink flow is plentiful, but don't worry about running out of ink! These are guaranteed to work for the full seven years and eliminate the waste of over 100 million discarded pens per day. NB: If you're a serious pen enthusiast, this may not be the pen for you, but this is exactly what someone like me, a student on a go with a mild "thing" for pens, needs. :)

There are nine design options for your Seven Year Pen. Check them out below!

Do you have a favorite pen?