What's more luscious than these pink leather flats? These delicate beauties are from my Black Friday bounty! For those of you who live close to great outlet malls, like here in Orlando, you may have the opportunity to hit up stores like Prada, Escada, Burberry, and Fendi--but the outlet version (i.e. Great products and great deals!). I'm not a super-fan of pink, but light hues like this are perfect.

Prada Ballerina Flats

These Prada ballerina flats are comfy and chic, while being discreet. Perhaps you can't tell from these photos, but looking straight-on at these shoes, it actually takes effort to see the "Prada" label. I particularly love this since it's first-rate premiere designer quality but one can only recognize it if they know the aesthetic of the shoe or if they happen to see the "Prada" poking out from the side.

Prada's ballerina flats are made out of supple Italian leather, and feel like a bedroom slipper, rather than something you'd wear outside. They're extremely comfortable and with care, will age well.

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