The past week was spent at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. Despite lots of walking and producing, I had some time to spend on the strip, and I grabbed something special from CityCenter's Yves Saint Laurent store. Yes, it does still say YSL on the store, and nearly everything in there is on sale! If you're anywhere near Vegas, head to the YSL store there for some good deals before all the new Saint Laurent Paris merchandise is stocked. They do have the new Cabas ChYc bags there as well as the old ones.

YSL Arty Ring

But back to the subject...after visiting Louis Vuitton, I moved over to Yves Saint Laurent and spotted the beautiful Arty rings and bracelets. Always an appreciator of the trend, I decided to try on as many as possible! (Insert sly smile here.) The colors available were incredibly beautiful and vivid. From turquoise blues to gold-filled corals, deep woody browns, blacks and greens, the Artys dazzled me. Keeping true to myself, I found the perfect subdued gold Arty ring. I do admit to being extremely obsessed with neutrals, so this ring completely fit in my accessories collection.

YSL Ring

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