Oh, Rebecca Minkoff, what you do to me!

This is truly a handbag love story. But it doesn't turn out like Romeo & Juliet; it rather ends happily. I have seriously been lusting over this bag for months. There were multiple times I could have purchased it, but it just wasn't the right time. And an accessories addict has to budget themselves. For so long I thought that I had 'lost' the bag. It was no longer available on the Minkoff website, and I hadn't seen it in stores. As a veteran of handbag sales, I know that sometimes you get a second chance and sometimes it is gone as quickly as it was available. Despite my multiple chances, I just couldn't bring myself to buy it for financial reasons. Girl has to eat--am I right?

Minkoff MAC Clutch

Luckily, the purse gods blessed me with a Gilt sale on Minkoff bags not too long ago, and I finally grabbed this fun cross-body nearly 50% off retail price. Sometimes it is truly good to wait!

I genuinely enjoy this bag since it's large enough to fit a book or iPad, and room for other small accouterments. M.A.C. Clutches are great for concerts, touring, and for the quick jaunts into town.

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