The Loeffler Randall Rider Bag is an It Bag for the person on-the-go. Larger than the Louis Vuitton pictured both below and above, the Rider bag is fit for your tablet, small book, wallet, and other essentials. I absolutely love the Rider's look. Because there are so many colors available, I think the bag can appeal to men as well, as a cross-body portfolio option. One of the really neat things that the Rider bag can do is that the bag can be strapped onto a bicycle using the posterior belts. Super cool!


One of Louis Vuitton's newest gems, the Monceau BB is a retro cross-body to die for! If you're into Vuitton, this bag is worth getting because it is gorgeous and has the craftsmanship and quality care that every Vuitton bag includes. I also think if you're looking to invest in Vuitton, buying a non-monogram bag is your best option. Typically bags that have discreet monogram or have none at all are more expensive than the monogram canvas pieces--and in my opinion are better worth your money.

LV Monceau BB

To be honest, I want them both. Of course in different colors... But they both are wonderful, different bags. The vernis leather of the Vuitton is absolutely gorgeous, but there's also something special about the pure, vachetta leather of the Loeffler Randall. And I love how the Rider bag is larger (as I'm a carry-all sort of person, this is important). Price-wise, you could buy three Rider bags for one Monceau. So if you want the look but want to be more economical, definitely go for the Loeffler Randall. However if you're a patent leather lover and have the funds, I'd recommend the Vuitton for sure.

My opinion:  To a handbag lover like myself, they are two different beasts. I'd find a purpose for both of them. :)

What do you think?