Hermès never ceases to impress. In addition to scarves, my other favorite collectibles are enamel bracelets!

The fun thing about collecting the narrow enamels is that they are easily stackable to create a classy, eclectic look. And they seriously stand up to daily use. I wear my Brandebourgs enamel daily, and you can't tell its age (almost one year old).

Hermes Balcons

Part of the Fall/Winter 2012 collection, the Balcons du Guadalquivir bracelets are on their way out. So if you love this pattern and see it in the boutique, I'd highly suggest pulling the trigger on the purchase.

This piece matches a scarf and handbag combo that I've been trying to further accessorize. Points for any readers who can point out the designer/collection that the bracelet rests upon in the comments!

It was nearly a story of love and loss, because I almost waited too long! It was the last in my size. Without flinching, I said to my wonderful SA, "This was meant to be!"

What are your favorite accessory collectibles?