The wait has been long enough for a sturdy yet stylish iPhone 5 case. Since launch day, I've been using a rather rugged case (which, honestly might be a better choice for me), but concurrently I'm dying for a stylish alternative. Luckily, a trip to the Apple Store alleviated that want.

ADOPTED iPhone 5 case

I just can't get over how nice and heavy the ADOPTED case is. I've tried other "stylish" cases and with one drop I have been out $30 for those cases. Given, this retails for $50 so I'm only hoping that it lives up to its price. It's almost been a week and so far, so good! I've lightly dropped it a few times, but could tell that it is very resilient for the type of case that it is. If you think that you're going to need a something stronger, I would highly recommend a Speck Tough Case or an Otter Box. But if sturdiness and style is calling your name, I'd highly recommend this one!

adopted i5.2

What's really great about this case is that all ports are open--meaning I don't have to remove the case to dock it on my iHome clock or to charge it normally. The leather surrounding the phone is premium, genuine leather, and the case has a flash ring to not hinder the camera's functionality. ADOPTED's Leather Wrap cases come in five colors:  tan, black, white, blue, & red. In person it is a truly stunning accessory and will give you piece of mind with a side of style.

full length case shot

Have you found a stylish iPhone 5 case recently? Let us know your recommendations in the comments!