Marc Jacobs heard our call! There are beautiful, new iPhone 5 cases on the market. I plucked this beauty up directly from the Apple Store. Designed by Marc Jacobs and made by Incase, this Sparks Snap Case in Lemon Custard is full of demure custard-yellow sparkles on a gray background. For being a bright piece, it is certainly subdued.

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 5

Though sturdy as its predecessors, if you drop it the wrong way you could be out about $39. I always go for Marc by Marc Jacobs pieces, but if you know you are clumsy with your phone, I'd always recommend getting a stronger, shock-absorbent case. This is just a snap-on shell. To reiterate, it isn't shoddily made. It's a great case, but consider how you use your phone. Always a fair warning. :)

Marc by Marc Case

The Snap Case doesn't add much weight or bulk to your phone. You can easily slip it into your pocket or bag, and it'll definitely turn heads come spring and summertime! Additional styles of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Incase snap cases are available at the Apple Store or Incase.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Case 2

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