I first saw this beauty at the Madison Avenue Hermés boutique in NYC. However, I could only buy one, and I decided to get the highly sought-after Craie with rose gold hardware. I couldn't believe I had found the new hardware, and decided to grab that instead. My lovely boyfriend (who so sweetly accompanied me on this shopping excursion) preferred this CDC to the other one I had purchased, and he definitely let me know! :)

So ever since that fateful trip where I added the beautiful Craie CDC to my collection, I've been thinking about this other color in the back of my head. It was the prettiest green I had ever seen. Since specific colors are so hard to come by, I was afraid I'd never see this pretty green again.

It turns out that almost exactly five months later, this beautiful CDC in my size popped up on their website, and I didn't hesitate to grab it! What a find. 

With such a great CDC collection in regular leather, I feel that now it's time to move on to exotics. Can't wait to see what beauties I will find!