This beauty found me as a dear friend and I were exploring our favorite mall on my weekend visit. 

My friend, "A," is quite the fashionista and we've been shopping buddies together since we were little. So it was absolutely fate that I'd pick up this limited edition beauty from her local Chanel boutique. 

As much as I loved my first WOC, I was itching for a new portable addition to my collection.

When I first laid eyes on this piece, I honesty believed it was another type of bag. It is significantly built a little heftier than the Boy WOC, and can fit in a bit more without stretching it. It smells absolutely amazing and the distressed calfskin is absolutely stunning and resilient.  

The charms on the front of this WOC are special parts of Coco Chanel's life. Check out this brilliant article from Pursebop about the origins of the charms. 

Originally I was going for a Balenciaga bag that day, but my bestie A convinced me to stay the course with Chanel. This WOC is so much harder to get, and that is absolutely true.  I feel so lucky that I was able to grab such a classic and gorgeous limited piece of Chanel.