This one's been on my wishlist for years! Ever since my parents surprised me with a Medium/Large caviar Classic Flap for my high school graduation, I've been bitten by the Chanel bug.

And as I've gotten older, the M/L got too small for my daily essentials. So a Maxi was on my list for years, but the price really deterred me from purchasing. Slowly, I moved from Louis Vuitton to Céline, and from Céline to Chanel, then Chanel to Hermès. As the prices got a bit easier for me to swallow (and I got more disciplined in saving), I finally got my Maxi years later!

I got the black caviar Maxi double flap with silver hardware. I found it pre-loved and in excellent condition with box and all the wrappings. I'd saved hundreds of dollars on the purchase and couldn't be happier! I prefer the double flap as it adds more integrity to the bag, except it does weigh a little more than a single flap and has a little less room. I do love how it upholds the structure, though. I'm a double flap gal all the way!

This bag fits my iPad mini, wallet, pencil case, sunglasses, keys, and a few other essentials. It is a little heavy, but when all my items are in the bag, it feels comfortable and incredibly sturdy.

If you're thinking of purchasing a Chanel Classic Flap or specifically a Maxi, I'd highly recommend it. Most if not all of Chanel's leathers are great choices, but I'd highly recommend caviar for its durability! Happy bag hunting!