It's been a while since there's been a limited edition monogram print that I loved enough to buy. Stephen Sprouse's Roses will always be my most favorite, but the Rayures collection comes in at a close second.


I have to admit, when I first saw this, I wasn't a huge fan. The stock photo of this particular bag wasn't great, and it looked a bit off. And it was very hotly contested on private bag collectors groups and on the PurseForum, some ladies less polite than others (well, it is the internet after all). Either you love or hate this collection. 

After spending more time looking at the pictures of the bag taken in person, I warmed up to it more and more—finally sending a hurried text to my wonderful contact at Louis and giving her a down payment.

It really harkens me back to a vibe like Sprouse's Roses but with a LOT more attitude. Also when I noticed the dots on the coral were purple instead of black, I started to appreciate it a lot more. I really baby my Roses bags, so I'm very happy to have another similar fun, summer bag I can take around during the summer.

It's definitely not a bag for the faint-hearted! Hoping to take her out more this summer and have some fun. Bring on the patina!