As this post goes to publish, it's been over two months since I've brought this new-to-me "HG" bag home. To those less familiar, the "HG" bag, or the Holy Grail bag is one of a handbag collector's most sought after pieces.

As an avid handbag collector, I've grown to lust for a Birkin. It wasn't sudden or easy, either. I went from purchasing Louis Vuitton (rounding out my collection with a Sofia Coppola bag) to Céline, then from Céline to Chanel, and then finally to Hermès. With each addition to my collection, the price ranges slowly increased, and slowly but surely the Birkin became something that I felt I could attain in a consignment setting (layaway highly preferred).  

I look forward to buying a Birkin brand new from the store, but by the time I feel confident I could do that by myself, the prices will most certainly rise. So I figured why not add it to my collection now and save a bit of money while doing it? 

It took SUCH a long time (or it just seemed like it—it was just two months) for this beautiful bag to arrive at its new home. And I will admit, it was quite exhausting. I put almost every cent that didn't go toward expenses toward this bag, and I was so happy when I finally reached my goal!

I found this holy grail handbag on Fashionphile, and it was a fantastic experience utilizing their 60-day layaway program. This Birkin 35 came with its own dust bag, rain care, documentation, lock and key, and in its own original box.

Normally, I go for black or grey bags, but I was poring over so many threads on PurseForum about what color to get for a first Birkin. A forum member said something that really struck me—"The beauty of Hermès is color." And indeed it is!

Gold is a fantastic neutral that still has a pop to it. It's a great bag that can go with most anything. I chose the Birkin 35 in Clemence leather, which is a classic, popular Hermès leather. It has a large and flat grain that is heavy and slouchy. And yes, it is indeed heavy when filled with essentials. Even though it's a larger bag, I hesitate to put a lot in, because it just gets heavy, and also I don't want to add wear to the bag too quickly. Although, I do know these bags are masterfully made and will certainly take use beautifully as I use it with care.

I haven't used it as often as I would like, but I'm looking forward to using it on my next fun trip away with friends and family, or simply out for a great day shopping. Please check out the full gallery of photos below. I had so much fun during my photo shoot with my holy grail. It's almost unbelievable that it happened.

But as with every holy grail, and perhaps with getting a Birkin, you can't stop appreciating the bag's simplicity and beauty. Hopefully I will have the chance to save up again and get another color (I'm hoping for black or Etain in Togo leather). The wishlist never ends! Wink.

Check out the full gallery below: