Let me first start off by saying that I swore that I would not cave in getting the Apple Watch. Well, being the Apple fan girl that I am, it just took one fitting appointment with a humorous and sharp Apple associate, and I was sold.

I chose the Milanese Loop, since it best resembled something that would blend in with my daily ensemble—something that appeared to be functional jewelry. Initially, I was planning to get the 42mm. A larger watch with better value, right? After all for the upgrade, it's only about $50 dollars.

However, I decided to stick with the 38mm. There is something very subtle and small about this watch that is a positive, rather than a negative. It hides under a jacket well enough so that to passersby it appears I have a regular watch. I definitely don't want to call attention to this particular accessory.

Siri lets you say, "Hey Siri!" just as you do on your iPhone. Very easy to respond to texts and get current weather info.

Siri lets you say, "Hey Siri!" just as you do on your iPhone. Very easy to respond to texts and get current weather info.

After having it for a month, I've finally become comfortable with everyday use. I feel the Apple Watch is an extension of my world, in every sense. Very Marshall McLuhan-esque, I know. Perhaps the most-used and appreciated feature of the watch is being able to read a preview of an incoming message via iMessage, Facebook Messages, WhatsApp, etc. It saves me time and energy digging into my handbag to check what is coming in as I'm walking in the city.

Additionally, feeling the haptics tap my wrist with a low ring alerts me to calls that I might've missed. My phone is routinely on silent as I don't like to draw attention to the ring. I get too many text messages during my day. I'd certainly interrupt my coworkers!

Right now, the apps I use include Activity, Messages, Slack, Uber, and Weather. I occasionally use Instagram on the watch, but largely prefer using my iPhone to see the photos in the best quality I can. I love using the Remote app with my Apple TV if my Apple Remote isn't handy. Such a clever tool. Additionally, I look forward to seeing the "Time to stand" messages. It helps me stay active while at work. My 9-to-5 involves lots of typing and a whole lot of sitting. Besides just loving Apple, my hope as an Apple Watch owner is to keep better track of my health and my movement. So far, so good! And I'm certainly looking forward to all the newer native apps coming to Apple Watch.

Overall, I'd rate the Apple Watch an 8 / 10. I'm sure I should've waited until the second generation for a lot of the bugs to be worked out, but honestly I've had a pleasant experience so far. I enjoy it as a helpful tool that accompanies me everyday. It's like a little Apple assistant.