Lust. It's exactly what I've been feeling for Chanel's recent So Black collections. I missed out on the So Black Jumbo classic flap and the Reissue. And recently missed out on the So Black Chevron bags. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out.

Luckily, I recently traveled to New York City for a festival-filled weekend, and was able to shop. My doting boyfriend came along with me to Bergdorf's, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, and finally Hermès. What a guy.

They had quite the selection of wallets at the 57th Street store. Originally, I had hoped to find this exact wallet in a slightly smaller version, but none of the stores I checked had it in stock. So the regular size it was!

This zippered wallet is made of lambskin paired with black hardware. Extremely under the radar and built to last. The wonderful associate at Chanel suggested using Meltonian leather cleaner to keep the lambskin looking hydrated (so to speak). Simply rubbing a small dot of the cream will renew its shine after wear and also remove small scratches in the leather. Be afraid of lambskin no more!

Inside, the wallet has eight credit card slots, a change purse area, and two sides where you can put in bills or receipts. Additionally, the wallet is large enough that you can fit in an iPhone 6. If you are doing this, I highly suggest not having a full wallet in general. It will definitely stretch the overall wallet structure.

It smells so new and wonderful that I almost don't want to use it! Oh, but who am I kidding? I've been itching for a new wallet, and this certainly sated me this time. Using it the next chance I get.