I simply cannot resist a CDC. These fun, big bracelets pack enough "oomph" in them so that I really don't need much other than my watch to complete my jewelry additions. That's what I love about it. Simple and chic.

When I first saw these iconic bracelets, I was turned off by them. A little too edgy for my taste, and yes, I've seen the knockoffs in Claire's. Though once I finally was able to try one of these mythical creatures on inside a Hermes boutique (they can be hard to find), I saw their appeal. Their quality and craftsmanship is out of this world. Not to mention, they are so addicting to collect. They aren't readily available at every Hermès boutique. Usually reserved for their regular customers, you need to grab them as they come available!

This "Craie" color is perfect and fills a hole in my current Collier de Chien collection. Rose gold hardware is the newest addition to Hermès's CDC collections. Though I admit I am nervous to get this bracelet dirty, I'm sure it will do just as well as the others in my collection. Here's to an CDC-filled summer!