It was a beautiful weekend with my childhood best friend visiting the mall and eating at some fun places. After exploring a few of our other favorite haunts, we went to Hermès, where my SA was warm and welcoming as always. 

At the time, it was before my birthday, so I was trying to choose the best thing in my price range as a gift to myself. Whenever she mentioned a Jige, I was thrilled! My friend was ready to purchase, so she left with this Jige and I had one ordered. After seeing my friend's I couldn't wait! That day I ended up getting my Farandole 160 necklace. What a great choice in the meantime!

Black is so practical for me, as I feel most comfortable wearing it and is so versatile. Not to mention that it won't get color transfer from my clothes and oils/dirt from skin.  

Fast-forward to a few weeks later, and I visited Hermès post-birthday. My SA warmly greeted me as usual and told me she wasn't sure that she would have another Jige in at that time, since she waited to see what my choice would be. Luckily, they just got a shipment a few days prior, and she brought over a never-opened plastic sealed Jige Élan 29 in black swift leather. So perfect! I paid and left the boutique feeling ecstatic to add this beauty to my collection. I've always wanted a Jige. Happy birthday to me, indeed!