Previously entranced by the Vuitton monogram, Goyard has brought a new sense of monogram to my life! I've since sold my monogram Vuitton bags (sans limited edition pieces) and have decided to purchase Goyard.

My first Goyard purchase was made at Bergdorf's with a friend of mine. It was so hard to choose a color, but since it was the fall, I went ahead and asked for bordeaux in GM. It's a pretty large size, perfect for travel as it fits a 15" laptop and other essentials. Soon after that purchase, grey had come onto the scene, but it was years since then until I found the right time to purchase the grey in PM. This grey is a fantastic size for day trips or short commutes. It's perfect for your essentials and gives off a classy, casual vibe.


To be fair, these totes don't seem to be as resilient as their Vuitton counterparts in my experience. I own two St. Louis totes, and my GM in Bordeaux (not featured in this post) has actually started to have strap cracking. It is of note that I do not heavily use the bag, nor do I stuff it very full. This PM however has not had that issue. Please note I'm definitely not saying that these are poorly made! They are excellent bags and I actually prefer them greatly over the Vuitton Neverfull, but this is an issue I've had that I cannot overlook when speaking about this bag. Though I must admit that this Grey PM featured in this post has been nothing but perfect since my purchase!

Random defect issues aside (and let's face it—it happens), this is my most favorite chic go-to casual tote that can make an outfit look complete. This an excellent bag to throw in all of your items and go! Last week, I took it with me out to brunch with family friends. It was a perfect companion for the day.