When my SA called me offering the Kelly Wallet, I was so thrilled! This was my second major purchase from Hermès as before I was mostly collecting silks and enamel bracelets before graduating on to the CDCs, and my first Evelyne.

The lighting was interesting in my sun room, and so I tried to convey the color the best I could. Something to note about this beautiful color is that Malachite is definitely quite the chameleon, especially in pictures. 

This wallet is a little large, and protruding forward is the signature Kelly closure. I try to use this wallet in bags that won't do possible damage to the closure. Really great to note that the Kelly Wallet works in the Céline Nano, which is great since it's such a small bag. 

Inside of the wallet is very spacious and has 12 credit card slots along with two places for bills and then a nice zippered compartment for coins.

Though it's now one of my favorite wallets, it took me a while to use it. It was a generous birthday gift from my mother and father, and I was afraid to use it for quite some time! Once I got past the fear of "messing up" the Kelly Wallet, I finally started to use it on the weekends and immediately fell in love.

I will admit, it's not the first wallet I reach for whenever I pack my handbag for the week, but it's because I care so much about it and instead choose smaller options (like my Chanel caviar cardholder or mini flap wallet). It's definitely a sturdy workhorse wallet, but I'm not ashamed to say I baby it as it's a wonderful gift! The Kelly Wallet is definitely one of my favorite wallets to date!