This is one of my monogram pieces that I just couldn't go without. I've long gotten rid of my monogram pieces (save for limited edition collections), and instead saved for leather handbags and accessories. But this one is so special! And obviously personalized.

This is the Zippy Organizer size, which is larger than the regular Zippy wallet. It comfortably fits 12 cards, there is space for change, cash, and tickets or receipts in the front. It's perfect for traveling or if you're someone who carries a lot.

The exterior two tone colors are Jaune and Bleu Clair. The interior is Bleu Clair and is the perfect pop I wanted for this piece. I got this wallet over 2 years ago, and given, I've only used it a few times (I've come to like smaller wallets) but it still smells absolutely brand new as when I bought it. It's such a wonderful thing! I'd highly recommend the Mon Monogram collection.