This is one of my favorite "What's in My Bag" posts to date! I took my Birkin out for a wonderful Labor Day weekend on a trip home to see my family and friends. For the road trip, I packed my essentials, including my Zippy Organizer Wallet, iPad, organizer, pencil case, keys, and more.

I was careful to not overly stuff the bag as it is quite heavy already with its beautiful Clemence leather. The Birkin is a perfect, chic travel bag for all the essentials. I find the casual nature of the gold bag brings the mood of the outfit to a more comfortable level. I'm continually in awe of the beauty and the simplicity of the Birkin—I just wish it was more under the radar. I've only carried this tote so far for special occasions and on trips. I must say it is truly the perfect companion!

To add to the weekend fun (and my Birkin's third debut), I also carried my Mon Monogram Zippy Organizer Wallet by Louis Vuitton. This also hasn't come out of my closet in a while, due to its size (and to be honest, the monogram). But this is the quintessential travel wallet! It held all of my receipts and tickets beautifully, and it still smells like new when I got it years ago.

Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day Weekend, and wishing you happy weeks ahead!