When I first delved head-first into Céline, these croc stamped phantom bags were my then "Holy Grail" bags. They were so elusive, and often evaded me, even though I checked as often as I could with my local stores. I finally found one technically "pre-loved" but brand new with tags. Talk about lucky!

The bag is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Since I found it new with tags, it's still structured and sturdy. These bags do have the beautiful integrity and when they do soften as they do with regular use, the base will start to dip, which I think looks absolutely chic. I can only imagine what this bag will look like with more love!

The croc stamped limited seasonal style is simply irresistible and timeless. I don't plan to sell any from my collection anytime soon. They were all tough to seek out and are very classy additions to any outfit.  

This and its bag brother, the grey nubuck croc stamped phantom are both hard to find and beautiful. Look for another post coming soon about the grey croc stamped phantom!