Believe it or not, I found this hardly-used beauty at a local consignment shop a few train stops away from me. I was looking on eBay for croc stamped phantoms, this one popped up, and the location of the item was incredibly close to me. I was shocked and thrilled simultaneously.

I had just returned from a family trip to Nantucket, and I didn't find anything really special on the island that year, so I was due for a shopping trip. Luckily the timing was perfect, and I managed to take a look at this bag in person at the consignment shop.

The price was not only below retail (the bag was barely used!), but I took the option of paying layaway for it, and it was not only in impeccable condition but absolutely beautiful. The only bad thing about it was that the dust bag was missing, but I was able to find another dust bag online to protect this piece.

Its nubuck texture is hearty yet needs gentile treatment. It's best to keep this handbag out of the rain, and away from foods, and other materials. Be wary of color transfer as well. Unlike the other leathers from Céline (particularly the smooth or grained leathers), this one needs a lot more tender-loving care.

To this day, I haven't yet seen this particular grey nubuck phantom in department stores. If you do see one of these, be sure to grab it as they always seem to fly off the shelves as opposed to their other Céline counterparts!

The Croc Stamped collections by Céline are most certainly one of my favorite ones by the brand. They are so understated, classy, and fun! I managed to also collect the black croc stamped trapeze and also the phantom in black. All are treasured pieces in my collection.