Had a great time this past weekend with one of my favorite friends (and favorite bags)! I hardly take out this beautiful bag, as I am mostly working and haven't traveled much lately.

Phantoms are pretty heavy, but they are such beautiful, resilient bags. I luckily found this Croc Stamped Phantom online. It was so hard to find at the time, that I could only find it on eBay. It was originally purchased at Bergdorf's and came with the tags still on from the store! It is so stiff, because it was brand new when I purchased. So lucky!

The black croc stamped phantom is one of my favorite Céline pieces. This and the croc stamped phantom in grey nubuck suede. These pieces are very nice—very well-built and durable. With age these bags get a little bit of sag but are extremely chic. My beige phantom is already aging a bit and looks absolutely splendid. I'm not afraid to use this bag, as it'll look incredibly gorgeous as it ages.

Inside, I kept one of my favorite new wallets from Vuitton, the Twist Wallet. Vuitton has historically made incredibly durable wallets. This one is no exception. I chose this one for a pop in the croc stamped phantom. A fun choice for a fun weekend, indeed!