In true bag lover fashion, loves come and go. I found this beauty on consignment last year, and was thrilled. I've always wanted this color, Souris, by Céline, and I had finally found it.

As a tote, the Micro is perfect for daily errands and quick jaunts to the store or even to the office. The weight of the bag is manageable, and is not as cumbersome as the Mini Luggage is. This Souris color is a stunning neutral, and goes well with countless outfits. 

As mentioned above, I found this via consignment, and so the price was reasonable. I definitely saved a lot of money by purchasing this bag pre-loved, but I should've known! It proved to be too floppy for my taste. I hardly used it after I purchased it, because of exactly how used it was. I wish I would've realized that before I worked hard to purchase it, but sometimes you never know until you give a bag a test-run. 

Long story short, I recently sold it back to the consignment store after light use. Someday I hope to repurchase as a brand new bag from the Céline boutique, and then I know I will enjoy it to the fullest!