Happy New Year!  The Chanel "So Black" collection is one of my favorites. I was so sad to miss out on the Classic flap quilted version a few years ago, and was so thrilled to see this come back again and in a different style.

At first, I wasn't sure about the chevron. It seemed a little trendy, but then I learned that Chanel released chevron at least twenty years ago and this was a reissue of that fun style. It certainly changed my mind about the style, and then I fell in love! Unfortunately, timing wasn't the greatest, as I was just paying off my first Birkin, and had to skip on a boutique purchase. I was very disheartened, but I was lucky to find this beauty on Fashionphile when I was ready. 

It's the perfect size. It fits my iPad Mini, Vuitton Zippy Wallet, keys, and other essentials. It's not too heavy either, which is so delightful. I've used it almost everyday for a week now, and it has yet to disappoint. It goes well with almost every outfit, and is so under the radar and beautiful.

Now that I have the bag, I can say that it is absolutely phenomenal! My Chanel collection has lacked a Jumbo, so I got this as soon as I was able. Not only the size is amazing, but the construction of the bag is so durable, and the lambskin holds up very well. 

I'm so happy to say that I've got this "HG" bag crossed off my list. I will certainly keep you updated as to if it holds up well over time, but I can't imagine that it wont. It is truly a beautiful, discreet classic. 

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