A few months ago, in November, I took my gold Birkin to Florida for Thanksgiving, and I used it nearly every day. Usually I'm just going to work every day, I'm not able to use my nicer bags, so I used this opportunity to the fullest. 

Over the course of the trip, I realized how amazing the Birkin truly is. It was the perfect travel bag on the plane, and the best carry-all (especially in gold for a nice, sunny vacation) whether we were going out to lunch, to the mall, or to the pool. So it only took me a matter of minutes after declaring to myself that my gold Birkin, indeed, is one of the best bags I own. And that I need another. 

I immediately went to my favorite site, Fashionphile, to hunt for my next Birkin. After much browsing there and a few other places like Ann's Fabulous Finds, I came across this beautiful black Birkin 35 in the retired Vache Liegee leather with gold hardware on Fashionphile. 

The wonderful Bababebi authenticated my Birkin for me (and on Thanksgiving, no less!), and I put this beautiful bag on layaway. She also shared with me that Vache Liegee was the most expensive non-exotic leather available at Hermès during the time it was produced, much more than Veau Box. Very fascinating!

Now that I see and feel this Birkin in person, I can certainly see why it was priced as such. It is a light and durable bag. Made in 2008, this Birkin's sturdiness, rigidity, and texture are just absolutely breathtaking. The bag just arrived; it both looks and smells new, and it came with its original receipt and all its accoutrements. Next to the Chanel So Black Chevron Jumbo, this is my best and most favorite purchase from Fashionphile.

I can undoubtedly see myself reaching for this bag often, and even more so as we finally move out of winter. I'm happy to say that this is my most exciting purchase to date. Absolutely am thrilled with the bag and the overall quality of product and condition received. Hoping to carry this all my life!

Cheers, bag lovers. xoxo