Lately, I've kept to a rule for purchasing. Only Chanel or Hermes. And make it something that is worthwhile and classic. While that is a great idea (value of Chanel and Hermes is greater than that of Vuitton and Céline especially when considering reselling), I've been largely purchasing neutrals and classic styles to make sure I use the bags. I have definitely used the bags, but I have really been lacking fun color in my wardrobe!

When I had some extra money, that admittedly I should have saved, I decided I needed a fun pop of color just in time for Easter. So I scoured the Internet for a fun springtime bag and found the Alma BB in Epi poppy.

I texted my wonderful sales associate at Vuitton to ask if she had this color combination and lo and behold, she did! I made it out the next day to see it in person and try on the bag. 

The color is absolutely stunning and definitely a chameleon depending upon the light. It is a light and airy pink in some lights and then also a darker punchy pink in others. Also the silver hardware is a gorgeous complement to the bag's pink color. 

Of course, as soon as I saw the bag and tried it on, I was in love. And naturally, once I realized the bag was perfect, my wonderful SA showed me a bag charm that was just even more perfect and completed the look. The Sweet Stripes Flower bag charm was definitely a hit. My dear boyfriend also commented that it was a must-have addition to my collection. 

The bag is lined with microfiber and is large enough to fit a medium to small-sized wallet, iPad mini (without a case—a case might stretch the zipper area), and a few smaller essentials. It's a great day bag, and it has the option to be worn using the shoulder strap or by carrying the top handles. 

Last, if not least, of course there's a wallet to match! I was at first set on getting a zippy coin purse in Epi poppy, but it was a bit too "matchy-matchy." When she showed me this beautiful Clemence monogram wallet with poppy interior, I was entranced! It's a wonderful size for the bag, and works well as a "pop" when used as a set.

I mostly wear neutral outfits, so this bag is a perfect addition to my collection. So excited to wear this bag for the rest of the summer! It's the variety I've needed for so long. 

What's your favorite summer or mini bag? Tell me in the comments! 

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