A few months ago, I traveled to Las Vegas with my boyfriend for a wonderful vacation away for almost a week. It was a welcome week away from the craziness of my work schedule.

I visited my SA who moved from our local area to Las Vegas. We dined together, and we were able to catch up. I shared with her my interest in getting the smaller Kelly Wallet in medium, and luckily she said that she saw one come in!

The wallet I ended up in was in the beautiful color of Blue Atoll with palladium hardware. It's far easier to include in my more small to medium bags, and is comfortable to hold and carry.

The inside of the wallet is very compact with vertical card slots and a coin purse that is against the back of the wallet. It really is so chic!

To be frank, it isn't quite easy to get into the medium wallet, especially if it is filled. It's a wallet that is meant to be delicately used but well loved. While this size is great, I haven't been reaching for this wallet as much because it doesn't hold all of my items. I definitely don't regret getting it, and I plan on using it all this summer and fall to brighten up my bags!