On the last day of our Vegas trip, my boyfriend and I hit the pool for a day of enjoyable eating, drinking, and cooling off!


With a drink and delicious lunch in hand, we read our favorite books and magazines, we soaked in the sun.

I paired my newly acquired wallet with one of my favorite summer bags, the Rayures Neverfull from Cruise 2011 for a refreshing summer look! The Neverfull GM really serves well as a beach bag and bag for the pool. The beautiful Blue Atoll is a great summer color that goes well with the Neverfull. It was a hit at the pool and I garnered a few compliments from the ladies who were sitting nearby me. I still feel so lucky that I was able to get one of these limited Neverfulls. My SA, to this day, tells me that this collection was one of the fastest selling that she's ever done in her years at the company.

It was a successful, much-needed vacation away, and this was handbag grand finale of the trip. So excited to share this with my readers!