I've been absolutely itching to pick up something from Chanel. I've kept my priorities to Hermes recently and some other major purchases, but I've been missing the big black box. 

I finally quenched my thirst for Chanel when one of my best friends came to visit me for a weekend. Early that Saturday, I had texted my sales associate to ask what kind of bags she had available in my budget. 

She kindly replied with a bunch of options and one in particular caught my eye.  

The Rock in Rome is a pre-fall 2016 bag that has the Boy Bag ruthenium chain with a look that is like a classic flap. It is definitely lighter with a smoother and more matte caviar leather than the classic flaps. 

The bag has a Boy Bag chain instead of the classic flap's chain. Like the Boy Bag, the Rock in Rome has a light feel to it because of the lightness of the chain. I read online that some people were having issues with the chains getting twisted, but this can easily be corrected by opening the bag and making sure the chain aligns before putting it back on. An easy fix.

I really like the three pouches inside, which allow for organization and better weight distribution in the bag. It's larger than you may think!

For the price point and the style, this bag is excellent from Chanel to match with a casual outfit!