All I can say is, "wow!" A long time ago when browsing Fashionphile (my usual weekly website stalking), I spotted an Etain Birkin 35 with Blue Thalassa interior. It was before I had purchased anything major from Hermes, and I was still quite a bag collector newbie. Needless to say, I passed on the bag since I would've had to have sold at least half of my collection (at the time mostly Louis). But now I totally regret it.

Having said that, as soon as this Kelly came up a few months ago, I was smitten. I did let it go a few times—at times items come and go from the website, and I was sure I had missed my opportunity but a month or so later, it was available, and I was in luck! The bag was back and discounted more than ever. I went for it!

This is the Kelly 35 "So Flash" or "Eclat" which I believe was a 2010 special release. The bag is made of clemence leather on the exterior and chevre leather on the interior. Its exterior color is the popular Etoupe (usually with off-white contrast stitching) and the interior is the gorgeous Blue Azteque. Added bonuses include Blue Azteque contrast stitching and Blue Azteque glaze underneath the handle. Today, I learned that the handle option was a special modification for this release and isn't even offered when ordering a SO (special order). 

There were only a few minor scuffs on the sides of the bag and the top handle. Honestly, it looked worse in the pictures on the shop's site than in person. Etoupe is so nuanced depending upon the light. It is more grey in natural light and warmer in artificial light. Etiher way, it is truly beautiful.

I once purchased a Kelly that I ended up selling (seen above). It was also a 35 but with Evergrain leather in black. I was disappointed in the shine of the leather and how it would mark up easily. Definitely don't regret that decision on selling; this Eclat Kelly is too stunning.

A long time ago I had purchased a Kelly Wallet in Blue Azteque as a summer wallet. I had seen the color before on Instagram and the Purse Forum, and I knew I had to add it to my wardrobe. Not too long ago, my SA showed me this delightful Bearn Compact wallet in Etoupe epsom leather. Little did I know that both of these wallets would work perfectly with this new addition months later.

I look forward to using this bag for both casual and semi-formal occasions. While it is a 35, it appears to be a little smaller because of the colors. I prefer this bag carried by the handle instead of the shoulder strap because of the size, but it is truly elegant either way. I am so excited to use this special bag! Please check Instagram for any future modeling shots.