Fate has a funny way of working. Of course, not even a week after I received my Kelly Eclat from Fashionphile, I got an e-mail—THE email from my SA.

She had an incredible combination available that she offered me and I absolutely couldn't say no, despite the pressure on my bank account ;) . Unfortunately, she wasn't going to be in during the weekend that I was able to pick up. Luckily, she spoke with the manager and was able to push our appointment date a week later so she could be there to show me the bag. It was definitely worth it! What an experience.

My best friend was there for the unveiling, and I'm so happy I had a friend there with me because it was such a moment! It still feels surreal. The bag was absolutely perfect. Sellier is even better in person. Once we got the Savannah Dance twilly on the Kelly, it was dressed up and even more beautiful!  

The edges are a very beautiful part of the bag and provide a dramatic and ladylike look. Black is a perfect color for this classic bag. I cannot wait to use this from day to night, especially on trips to NYC.


My SA poured us chilled, delicious champagne for our little party in-store. Definitely a worthy for this occasion. My SA remarked that she was the most excited to give me the Kelly. How sweet! I am so lucky to work with such a wonderful SA.

Check above for additional photos of my brand new Kelly Sellier. Thank you so much for letting me share my story. It still feels like a dream!